The Rev. Samuel J. Smith is our Priest-in-Charge
Our Sunday Services are at 8 and 10 a.m.
with childcare at the later service.

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Weekly Update from St. Paul’s – August 27, 2015

Save the Date!! Saturday, October 24 at 10:30 a.m. Celebration of New Ministry: Installation of the Rev. Sam Smith as our Priest-in-Charge with Bishop Douglas Fisher, Celebrating. More details coming soon. Would you like to play a role in our Weekly Worship? Father Sam is updating our rosters of volunteers for worship, so it’s a […]

Announcement from the Bishop’s Office

The Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts New Priest-in-Charge at St. Paul’s June 19, 2015 The people of St. Paul’s, Stockbridge, have called the Rev. Samuel J. Smith to be Priest-in-Charge effective August 1. Sam comes to us from the Diocese of New York where he has served as assistant at St. Michael’s in Manhattan since […]

The Rev. Samuel J. Smith – St. Paul’s New Priest


Here is a June 15 message from Senior Warden, Vaunie Graulty:

Greetings to friends and parishioners of St. Paul’s Church,

Yesterday was a very exciting day for our church! As you know, we called our new priest in charge, Samuel J. Smith. He was the unanimous choice of both the Search committee and the Vestry. We feel very blessed as Sam so beautifully matches the aspirations we have for our future. I am very eager for you all to meet him.

At the 8 and the 10 on behalf of the Vestry, I read Sam’s bio and a letter from him to all of you. There are links HERE to the bio and letter and two of Sam’s sermons. One sermon includes him singing! He has a wonderful voice.

With gratitude and joy,

Vaunie Graulty
Senior Warden
St. Paul’s Church

Vestry Minutes – May 16, 2015

Present: Vaunie Graulty, Senior Warden; Kendra MacLeod, Junior Warden; Natalie Boyce, Linda Day Others Present: Libby Wade, Interim Priest-in-Charge The meeting opened with a prayer. Minutes: A motion was made by Kendra MacLeod and seconded by Natalie Boyce to approve the Vestry minutes of April 18 and April 29, 2015. Motion carried. Treasurer’s Report: Vaunie […]

Vestry Meeting Minutes – April 18, 2015

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Stockbridge, MA 01262 Vestry Meeting April 18, 2015 Present: Vaunie Graulty, Senior Warden; Kendra MacLeod, Junior Warden; Donna Touponce; Matt Fillio; Natalie Boyce; Michael Cosby; Linda Day Also present: Libby Wade, Interim Priest-in-Charge Also present at the conclusion of the Vestry’s business meeting: the Search Committee members present but not currently […]

Vestry Meeting Minutes – March 21, 2015

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Stockbridge, Massachusetts Vestry Members Present: Vaunie Graulty, Senior Warden; Kendra MacLeod, Junior Warden; Michael Cosby; Natalie Boyce; Donna Touponce; John Davies, Treasurer; Linda Day, Clerk Others Present: The Rev. Libby Wade, Interim Priest-in-Charge; Carl Sprague; Nancy King The meeting began with opening prayer. Approval of Minutes: A motion was made by […]

Vestry Meeting Minutes – February 21, 2015

Vestry Members Present: Vaunie Graulty, Senior Warden; Matt Fillio; Michael Cosby; Natalie Boyce; Linda Day Others Present: The Rev. Libby Wade (Interim Priest-in-Charge); Jennifer Carmichael (Assistant Treasurer) The meeting began with opening prayer. Approval of Minutes: Tracy Johnson will assume the vestry class of 2016 slot vacated by Kendra Macleod who now serves as junior […]

Minutes of the February 8, 2015 Annual Meeting

Minutes of the February 8, 2015 Annual Meeting  Following a church brunch, the meeting was opened by Senior Warden Vaunie Graulty at 10:45 am. Linda Day was appointed clerk. Church members were asked to sign an attendance record. Interim Priest-in-Charge Libby Wade led a general thanksgiving prayer and a prayer for transition. Priest-in-Charge Libby Wade […]

Vestry Meeting – January 24, 2015

Present: Libby Wade, Interim priest-in-Charge; Vaunie Graulty, Senior Warden; Kendra McLeod, Junior Warden; Natalie Boyce; Jennifer Carmichael; Matt Fillio; Carl Sprague; Tracy Johnson and Linda Day  The meeting was brought to order with prayer. Vaunie Graulty discussed obtaining supply priests when Libby is away. Jane Tillman can do February 1st provided she does not have […]


The Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost: August 23, 2015

Joshua24:1-2a; 14-18; Psalm 34:15-22; Ephesians 6:10-20; John 6: 56-69 Moving is hard work. I know. Don and I feel like we have been at moving for two or three months now, and we’re ready to be done! Sadly there are still boxes that need to be unpacked, lots of pictures still to be hung on […]

The Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost: August 16, 2015

Proverbs 9:1-6; Psalm 34:9-14; Ephesians 5:15-20; John 6: 51-58 A big part of why I am an Episcopal priest, and Episcopalian at all, is because I love liturgy. I love the beauty of our prayers, the meaning in our worshipful actions, and the mystery that infuses all of it. And I love our focus on […]

The Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost: August 9, 2015

1Kings 19:4-8; Psalm 34:1-8; Ephesians 4:25-5:2; John 6:35, 41-51 I was a little chagrined to see that this week’s gospel has the same themes as last week’s. As we get to know one another, I’d like to touch on many different topics—to explore with you various aspects of just who our God is, and who […]

The Tenth Sunday after Pentecost: August 2, 2015

Exodus 16:2-4,9-15; Psalm 78:23-29; Ephesians 4:1-16; John 6:24-35 At last, this morning has arrived! I have been anticipating this day for months—the culmination of a joy-filled process where the Holy Spirit brought us together for a new partnership. When I say this was a joy-filled process, I really mean it. From the very first time […]

Sometimes We Need to Stop on the 4th Floor

Proper 8B, 6/28/15     St. Paul’s         Mark 5:21-43 If we had a marquee out front with a sermon title on it, then today’s sermon would be named “Sometimes We Need to Stop on the 4th Floor.” The sermon begins with a personal story. One hot summer Sunday several years ago, I left the church after the […]

Sermon at St. Paul’s – July 12, 2015

Sermon — July 12, 2015 — St. Paul’s, Stockbridge The Rev. Libby Wade, Interim Priest-in-Charge   This is my last Sunday with you as your Interim Priest-in-Charge, so I’m going to claim a bit of privilege and not preach a sermon based on the lectionary scripture readings for today. You can spend all afternoon contemplating […]