Welcome to St. Paul's
The 10 a.m. Thanksgiving Day service is cancelled
because St. Joseph's Church is without heat
this morning due to the storm.
See you on Sunday!

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Weekly Update – November 24, 2014

Our Annual Ecumenical Thanksgiving Day Service will be at 10:00 a.m. (note the new time) at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church on Elm Street. Coffee Hour follows here at St. Paul’s.

Our Celebrant this Sunday, November 30th will be the Rev. Jane Tillman.

Annual Godly Play Advent wreath making will be this Sunday, November 30th. All children are welcome.

Click on the above link for more details.

Walking the Way

“Walking the Way” is our process we’re using to reflect on God’s generosity to us and our practical response to that generosity in terms of time, talent and treasure. You will see “Walking the Way” under Calendar & News in the menus above, and you can read there the stewardship reflections from our members and from people in the wider church.



As many of you know, Vaunie’s mother, LeVaun Pendergast Bell Lippincott, known as “Pendie,” passed away on August 7. Vaunie is strong and fine. She is in Maine for a few days, visiting our daughter Sarah and also spending time at Prout’s Neck, a place that Pendie enjoyed like no other. I want to thank […]

A Leap of Faith

In St. Mathew’s Gospel, Jesus has just demonstrated the power of the kingdom of heaven by feeding the 5,000. Sharing the Good News and the reality of the kingdom of heaven will soon be the disciples’ job. What kind of faith has he instilled in them? In today’s reading, we see that faith tested. “You […]

On the Nature and Future of Christianity

God, through Jesus, does feed crowds–all the crowds that make up the populations of the world, all the crowds that in their differences often treat each other harshly, all the crowds that the paragons of correctness insist must be forced to become alike. Acknowledging that openness is to understand the heart of the Gospel and to decisively challenge the view that religion must require us to be correct in just one way.

Know that I am with you

“Know that I am with you and will keep you wherever you go.” When will we hear it? We may be in some place or relationship or conversation, or in some circumstance of whatever kind. We may not even be thinking about anything to do with God or the holy. But suddenly we will become aware of levels in this moment that we did not imagine.

Encountering Jesus

Easter is not just about a tomb that was empty on that first day of new life, of Easter life. Easter is even more about Jesus’ presence with his community on every Sunday and about his presence in our hearts and in our lives every single day of our lives.