As you enter the church, in the west wall (to your immediate left) are three windows of Fra Angelico angels with musical instruments. These windows were brought from the original wooden church. The intersecting circular arches of the west facade were designed to mirror the gothic shape of the three windows.

As you turn and enter the Nave, the stained glass windows on your left on the north wall (pictured above) include “Dorcas Feeding the Poor” by Burleson and Gryll of London, the “Christian Knight in Armor” by Francis D. Millet of the Tiffany Studios, and “The Good Samaritan” by Charles J. Connick, a gift of Mary Punderson Rockwell. The south wall of the Nave (to your right as you face the Altar) is a window in memory of William Ellery Sedgwick by the Tiffany Studios.

On the south wall, under the organ gallery are large high-relief panels of “The Singing Children,” replicas of the Luca della Robbia frieze in the Cantoria del Duomo di Firenze (c. 1435).

The organ is by Hilborne L. Roosevelt in 1884. Originally containing 258 speaking pipes, it has been enlarged to 1600 speaking pipes while retaining the original tracker action and slider wind chests.