St. Paul’s in Stockbridge was organized in 1834. In the 1840s the original wooden church was built to the design of Richard Upjohn. The present stone church was designed in the Norman style by Charles F. McKim in 1884 who donated his services. McKim designed the stone tower to accommodate the old clock faces. The church, built of Berkshire limestone, was a gift of Charles Butler to the memory of his wife Susan Ridley Sedgwick Butler.

The sketch at the top of our website is by Norman Rockwell who was a St. Paul’s parishioner. The bronze sculpture of a winged figure, “The Spirit of Life,” on the covered porch leading to the main entrance is by Daniel Chester French, best known as the sculptor of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. French was also a St. Paul’s parishioner.

The marble Baptistry on the north side of the Nave (pictured above) was designed by Stanford White. The walls and floor are luna chella, a fossiliferous marble, with tiny shells imbedded in limestone. The central tablet is supported by sculpted angels in relief by Luca Saint Gaudens. The flanking windows are by Louis Comfort Tiffany. The white marble font, by Charles Lamb of New York, was brought from the prior wooden church.

In the Sanctuary, the central window over the Altar depicting St. Paul preaching as well as the right window representing the annunciation are by John La Farge. The Altar clerestory window of a Pentecostal dove is by local artist Fredrich Leuchs in 1988. The windows were restored and preserved in 2016, the project being funded wholly or in part by the citizens of Stockbridge under the provisions of the Massachusetts Community Preservation Act.

Out on the grounds, please note the Memorial Wall and fountain. The statue of St. Margaret of Scotland is by Anna Coleman Watts Ladd, placed in the garden to honor her daughter, Gabriella Ladd Sedgwick, widow of Henry Dwight Sedgwick.

The character and location of our church building and grounds guarantee us a constant flow of visitors throughout the year. Open every day, St. Paul’s Church is a place of peace and refuge for all.