Persistence in Faith

Persistence, annoyance, stubbornness are the marks of faith in this week’s Gospel story (Luke 18:1-8) about the widow and the unjust judge.  In this parable, a widow persistently seeks help from a judge who repeatedly ignores her and sends her away.  Not to be deterred, she returns over and over again, becoming an annoyance to this man of power and position until he yields.

     Persistence in our life of faith involves persistence in prayer, persistence in the face of disappointment, anger, despair, or unbelief, and a willingness to return again and again to ask for justice and mercy.  The life of faith is a challenging one.

     Come to St. Paul’s this week as we persist in our life together with God.


Almighty and everlasting God, in Christ you have revealed your glory among the nations: Preserve the works of your mercy, that your Church throughout the world may persevere with steadfast faith in the confession of your Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Altar Flowers are given by Tom & Michele Sirois in honor of their anniversary.

Lee Food Pantry
This week’s food pantry suggestions are canned fruits and vegetables. Please bring this or other non-perishable food items with you to church on Sunday to share with those in need in our community. (Suggested items for next week are: toiletries and diapers).

Gospel of Matthew – Bible Study
No Class Tuesday, October 22 – next meeting Tuesday, October 29
Our fourth of six sessions, on Tuesday the 29th, will focus on the opponents of Jesus, chapter 4 of the accompanying book, Conversations with Scripture: The Gospel of Matthew, by John Yieh (published by Morehouse Publishing and available new, used, or electronically from Amazon).  Please feel free to join in even if you haven’t read the book or can’t get to every session. Questions? Ask Father Sam.

List of the Faithful Departed: Our worship service on Sunday, November 3 will include the reading of names of the faithful departed. You may add to the list simply by printing the names of deceased loved ones clearly on the list at the back of the church or e-mailing their names to by Thursday, Oct. 31.

Mark Your Calendars!

  • Tues., October 22      No Bible Study!
  • Sat., October 26         Vestry Meeting at 8:00 a.m., Parish House
  • Tues., October 29      Gospel of Matthew Bible Study at 6:00 p.m.
  • Sun., November 17    Stewardship Ingathering

Worship Teams (If you exchange shifts with someone, please notify the Church Office by Thursday morning at

This Sunday, October 20

Celebrant:The Rev. Sam Smith
Preacher:The Rev. Jane Tillman
8 am:Jorja Marsden
10 am:Vaunie Graulty, Greeter
Tom Skakel, Usher
Darryl Lafferty, Lector
Ginny Willcox, Intercessor & Altar Guild
Don Cook & Tim Swingle, Hospitality
Nancy King, Organist
Virgil Stucker, Native American Flute

Next Sunday, October 27

Celebrant/Preacher:The Rev. Sam Smith
8 am:Pam Drumm
10 am:Tracy Johnson, Greeter
Peter Dillon, Usher
Matt Fillio, Lector
Diana French, Intercessor
Natalie Boyce, Altar Guild
Hospitality — POTLUCK
Nancy King, Organist

Parish Prayer List

  • People we pray for on Sundays: Cecilia, Deborah
  • Long-term prayer list: George, Jeff, David, Doug, Barbara, Charles, ZsuZsa, Tom, Rich, Ronnie, Karen, Michael, Christy, John, George, Khali
  • Our partners at Grace Church, Great Barrington and the Rev. Janet Zimmerman; Trinity Episcopal/Christ Lutheran, Sheffield and the Rev. Erik Karas; the Austen Riggs community and the Riverbrook Residence; victims of violence, abuse, persecution and disaster at home and abroad
  • Outreach Ministries of the Week: Laundry Love
  • Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: Good Shepherd Episcopal / Grace Lutheran, West Springfield
  • Anglican Cycle of Prayer: Church in the Province of the West Indies
  • Birthdays: Faith Savery & Ruslan Sprague (17th), Anna & Liam Lane (22nd)
  • Anniversaries: Tom & Robin Race (20th), Tom & Michele Sirois (22nd)