Wounds and Healing

This week’s gospel passion from Luke (13:10-17) tells the story of another healing by Jesus. We read of a woman “that had been crippled for eighteen years. She was bent over and quite unable to stand up straight.” Imagine almost two decades stooped over, looking at the ground, unable to see up to the sky or into the eyes of another without great difficulty. Undoubtedly she had become accustomed to this way of life—the passage makes it clear that she does not call out to Jesus for healing, or reach to touch him, as we read in so many other healing stories.

     What wounds do you carry, almost like a companion? What hurts from the past, injuries from great battles? Have you become used to them? This story reminds us that God is not only able to heal our wounds, but is in fact eager to do so! Jesus longs to do what might seem impossible, helping us to become whole, grace-filled beings.

     Welcome to St. Paul’s, where we strive to live into the healing power of Christ.


Grant, O merciful God, that your Church, being gathered together in unity by your Holy Spirit, may show forth your power among all peoples, to the glory of your Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Altar Flowers are given in loving memory of Jack and Anita Harding.

Lee Food Pantry
This week’s food pantry suggestion is peanut butter. Please bring this or other non-perishable food items with you to church on Sunday to share with those in need in our community. (Suggested items for next week are: soup and tomato sauce).

Godly Play Takes a Recess!

Godly Play will be on hiatus now through Labor Day Weekend. As always, children are welcome in Church on Sundays!

From the Vestry

Your vestry, the governing body of St. Paul’s Church, asks that parishioners try to stay current in fulfilling their commitments for giving through the summer months. While vacations and the splendors of the Berkshire summer may call many of us away from regular Sunday attendance, the basic costs of running St. Paul’s Church remain constant. We rely on your continued generosity to pay the bills. Thank you for all the ways you support St. Paul’s!

Join us Sunday, August 25, beginning at 2:45 pm
Healing Day National Bell Ringing

The National Park Service has commissioned churches and people around the country to toll bells to commemorate and honor the first enslaved Africans who landed in English North America in 1619. Joining with the people of Grace Church, Great Barrington and others, we will gather in our church yard beginning at 2:45 pm for a simple service of prayer and singing, culminating in the ringing of our church bell at 3:00 pm. (In case of inclement weather, we will meet in the church.) Join us for this simple remembrance and powerful statement about the truths of the past and the need to create a new future for us all.

“Second Mountain” Culminating Event: Sunday, August 25, 11:45 am

We will gather at the First Congregational Church of Stockbridge on Sunday, August 25, 11:45 am for lunch and a group discussion by all those who have participated in the community book read. More information will be sent to those who signed up for individual discussion groups; others who would like to attend should contact Father Sam for details.

Altar Flowers

If you would like to honor or remember a loved one by providing altar flowers, the following Sundays are available: Dec. 8. To sign up, please email stpaulsstockbridge@gmail.com and tell us the date you’d like to reserve, the wording of the announcement, and whether or not you’d like the office to order the flowers for you (cost is $60).

Worship Teams (If you exchange shifts with someone, please notify the Church Office by Thursday morning at stpaulsstockbridge@gmail.com.)

This Sunday, August 25

Celebrant/Preacher:   The Rev. Sam Smith

9 am:    Anne Skakel, Greeter

              Tom Skakel, Usher

              Jean Rousseau, Lector

              Darryl Lafferty, Intercessor

              Robin Race, Altar Guild

              Don Temples & Sam Smith, Hospitality

              Nancy King, Organist

Next Sunday, September 1

Celebrant/Preacher:   The Rev. Sam Smith

9 am:    Kim Savery, Greeter

              John Davies, Usher & Lector

              Natalie Boyce, Intercessor

              Tracy Johnson, Altar Guild

              Hospitality — Potluck

              Nancy King, Organist

Parish Prayer List

  • People we pray for on Sundays: Cecilia, Khali
  • Long-term prayer list: George, Jeff, David, Doug, Barbara, Charles, ZsuZsa, Tom, Rich, Ronnie, Karen, Michael, Christy, John, George
  • Our partners at Grace Church, Great Barrington and the Rev. Janet Zimmerman; Trinity Episcopal/Christ Lutheran, Sheffield and the Rev. Erik Karas; the Austen Riggs community and the Riverbrook Residence; victims of violence, abuse, persecution and disaster at home and abroad
  • Outreach Ministries of the Week: Gideon’s Garden and Construct
  • Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: Holy Trinity, Southbridge
  • Anglican Cycle of Prayer: Anglican Church of South America
  • Birthdays: Silas Lane & Martha Bodine (23rd)