Thursdays, March 7 — April 25

Making Sense of the Christian Faith

Our Lenten group study for adults will focus on the questions we have about God in the world. Using the book Making Sense of the Christian Faith by David Lose, we will explore our core beliefs. The study employs the four primary sources of our theological thought: Scripture, Tradition, Experience and Reason. Lively conversation and lots of room for all questions are assured. In addition, this class will serve as preparation for confirmation, reception, or affirmation for any who might so desire.

     We will undertake the study in conjunction with our friends at Christ/Trinity Church in Sheffield. The same session will be offered noon-1:00 pm at the Church in Sheffield and 6:30 – 7:30 here in Stockbridge, with participants free to attend either. (Participants are welcome to bring a sack lunch/dinner to any/all sessions.) To participate you are encouraged to purchase a book (available from in either electronic or paperback form for less than $13.00) and read the introduction and first chapter before the first session. Questions, or want to discuss confirmation? Ask Father Sam.