COVID transmission is on the rise again—and we want to protect ourselves and our neighbors. Therefore, beginning this Sunday we will require masks for anyone attending worship services in the church. Our friend Father Erik Karas of Christ Trinity Church in Sheffield again offers a good explanation of the change:

  • The CDC has moved Berkshire County from “Moderate” to “Substantial” when it comes to COVID transmission. At this new level, the CDC recommends universal indoor masking for everyone, regardless of vaccination status. We will follow those recommendations for indoor worship.
  • The Good News is that the vaccine is VERY effective and about 99.999% of vaccinated Americans have NOT had a deadly breakthrough infection. Therefore, even though you may test positive for COVID after vaccination it is tremendously unlikely that you will have severe symptoms or need to be hospitalized.
  • Then why are we masking if we’ve been vaccinated? Because unlike previous strains of the virus, vaccinated persons can transmit this new strain to an unvaccinated person and this strain is much more likely to cause severe symptoms or death. So, as vaccinated people, we mask not so much for ourselves, but for our neighbors.
  • Being vaccinated and masking indoors are the two best ways we can love our neighbors these days. Let us all love our neighbors.