Hello friends – Blessings to you! I hope you are holding up well in the midst of the many challenges before us all. It was really wonderful to pray with so many of you on Sunday. I found myself buoyed by our community and filled with a new appreciation for the power of God’s word to lift us all. I look forward to doing that again this coming Sunday.

I write now to remind you that the St. Paul’s community will hang out together this afternoon from 5:00 to 6:00 PM, using the Zoom platform that we used on Sunday. You may drop in for a few minutes or for the whole hour. My plan is to continue this practice through Holy Week.

To join the Hangout today (and each of the coming Tuesdays, March 24, 31, and April 7):

https://zoom.us/j/925396586 or call 1-646-558-8656 (meeting ID:925 396 586)

Finally, here is a prayer for these times:

Living God,

Your love is living water

flowing through us.

In these days of separation,

water the seeds of contemplation

and move us to compassionate action.

For the good of your beloved ones

who wait, and long, and pray,

and for the creation groaning 

with new life beneath the dust, 

in Jesus’ name we pray.